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Diabetic Retinopathy- Early detection is key

Date :06-Jul-2019

Don’t wait till it steal your Eye sight …..

India is Diabetic Capital of world. It is triggering lot of diseases of which few of them can be even life-changing. Staring from heart attack, strokes, coronary artery diseases to Diabetic Retinopathy, and the list is endless.

Diabetes can even affect our eyes, which is very frightening. Yes, you heard it right! Diabetes can damage the tiny blood vessels inside your Retina (the light-sensitive tissue) leading to Diabetic Retinopathy (DR). According to a research in 2002 diabetic retinopathy accounted for about 5% of world blindness. This particular condition, if not effectively taken care of and prevented at the right time may lead to permanent eye damage.

Diabetic Retinopathy in new delhi


Steps to be taken to prevent eye damage

Though diabetic Retinopathy has no visible early symptoms, with the progress of the condition you may find dark spots around the eyes, fluctuation of vision, impaired color vision, blurring of vision or a presence of darkness in certain areas of the vision.

Detection is key

As there are no early symptoms of the diseases to detect, it is highly recommended that diabetic patients should go for regular examination of the fundus, There is advancement in Retina screening through Indirect-Ophthalmoscope, Fluorescein Fundus Angiography , Ocular Coherence Tomography , these diagnostic procedure under supervision of Eye Expert able to predict the health of Retina .


How would the treatments help you to get rid of this condition?

Laser Therapy- This non-surgical method involves using laser light to treat the affected portions of the eye, leaving the surrounding areas untouched. 

Intravitreal Injection- The procedure involves injecting a medicine into the vitreous, at the back of the eye near the retina. The medicine injected acts as a high-end medicine for the retina and helps to reduce eye problems and protects your vision.

VR Surgery- In case of advanced disease or your retina gets detached, Vitreo-retinal surgery will need to be done to restore eye sight."

The eye is one of the most sensitive organs of the body and in any case, it should not be ignored. Frequent checkups followed by advanced treatment plan needs to be conducted.

Neera Eye Centre is one of the leading eye clinics in India that offers effective eye treatment plans and diagnosis at an extremely affordable rate. If you are a diabetic person, do visit our clinic and get your eye checked at the earliest.

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Blog Reviewed By: Dr. Neera Agrawal
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