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Glaucoma Surgery - Do You Really Care For Your eyes ??

Date :17-Dec-2017

Glaucoma is an eye problem, in which the optic nerve becomes damaged. The optic nerve is present in the eye and joins eye to the brain. The damage to the optic nerve can lead to vision loss. The problem arises when the eye fluid cannot drain properly and increases the pressure in the eye that ultimately puts pressure on the optic nerve. It affects people of all ages but commonly visible to old people aged 70-80. Neera eye center and laser vision, New Delhi provides best treatment facilities for glaucoma surgery in the terms of quality and durability.


What are the causes of glaucoma?

Glaucoma is generally caused due to the blockage in the eye portion that permits eye fluid to drain. It is exactly not clear the causes of glaucoma but certain things increases its risk, such as
· Age factor
· Ethnic origin
· Certain medical conditions such as – long or short sightedness, diabetes
· Family history
· Growing of new blood vessels that block fluid drainage
· Long-term use of eye drops containing steroids
· Eye injuries

What tests are recommended to diagnose glaucoma?

There are several tests recommended for glaucoma that are quick and painless. They are
· Eye pressure test
· Gonioscopy
· Visual field test
· Optic nerve assessment
· Optical coherence tomography

What treatment options are available for glaucoma?


Treatment options for glaucoma are
· Eye drops
· Laser treatment
· Surgery

eye surgeon in the New Delhi.How many types of eye drops are used to treat glaucoma?

The main treatment for glaucoma is eye drops. There are many types of eye drops are used, such as prostaglandin analogs, beta blockers, carbonic anhydrase inhibitors or miotics

How many types of laser treatment available for glaucoma?

Laser treatment is recommended when eye drops are failed to cure. There are several types of laser treatments are
· Laser trabeculoplasty
· Cyclodiode laser treatment
· Laser iridotomy

How many types of surgeries are available for glaucoma?

Surgery is the alternative option of laser treatment. There are several types of surgeries suggested. They are
· Trabeculectomy
· Trabeculotomy
· Viscocanalostomy
· Seep sclerectomy operation
· Trabecular stent bypass
Dr. Neera in Neera eye center and laser vision is a renowned eye surgeon in the New Delhi. Dr. Neera provides its patients excellent results and patients can trust her. Neera eye center and laser vision have provided latest’s technologies to treat glaucoma surgery.

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