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Contact Lens Usage : Make It Hygienic And Safe

Date :14-Jul-2018

Knocking off the traditional glasses, contact lenses made its way straight through the hearts of many to carry off the style, convenience and easiness. They do provide a wide variety of options in colour, flexibility, usage period etc adding up to their advantages over the spectacles however they do have some flaws from their side like they can cause infections if they are not used in a hygienic way especially the lens solutions. Neera Eye Centre, known as the best eye clinic in Delhi is here with the best hacks you need to know to take the best care of your contact lenses and thereby your eyes and yourselves!

Before you start!

  • If your lifestyle has a constant exposure to fumes, or if your eyes do not produce enough tears, do not opt for a contact lens.
  • Wash your hands with water and non- cosmetic soap and pat it dry with a lint-free towel before you touch the lenses.


  • Use fresh contact lens cleaning solution each time, and do not use tap water or saline water for the same as it can cause infections.
  • Use fingertips to rub the contact lens and clean them in the solution.
  • Do not touch the lens using fingernails as they are sharp and can tear them. They can also cause infections due to the germs and dirt.
  • Clean your case with cleaning solution and keep it upside down to dry.

How to use lenses

  • Pull the lower eyelid using one hand.
  • Take the lens by the index finger and place it gently on the lower white portion of your eye
  • Release the eyelid and close the eyes, blinking them for a moment
  • The lens recentres itself

Keep your lenses hygienic by:

  • Replacing your contact lens case every 3 months
  • Not transferring lens to other unsterile cases.
  • Use cosmetics after placing the lens, but the hairsprays (if using) must be used before placing them

In any cases of irritation, itching or burning sensation, contact your ophthalmologist as early as possible without worsening the damage.

Above everything, your ophthalmologist is the best reference guide to all your queries and doubts. And always follow his instructions above all! We, at Neera Eye Care hospital, being the best providers of contact lens in New Delhi will give you the best experience and exposure for the same. If you have any doubt about the contact lens care and eye hygiene, delay not to make your appointments.

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