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Learn more about the most effective form of cataract surgery

Date :15-Nov-2019

Let's see what Micro phaco Cataract Surgery is all about, let's leave behind all the complicated medical jargon for the doctors in the process. A micro phaco surgery is a type of eye surgery that limits the size of incisions made on the eye. As far as modern technology is concerned it creats  the smallest incision ever and this has a plethora of benefits when it comes to the patients. This type of surgery is less intrusive and even using common sense we realise that forms of surgeries that are less intrusive heal faster and are simply more efficient.

cataract surgery

What's more, this type of surgery enables the surgeon to remove the need for an injection, that ought to relax the lot of you that are afraid of needles. Moreover, since the incision is extremely small the need for sutures is also eliminated. All of this translates to shorter healing time and a total absence of bandages.

There are loads of patients out there that undergo a cataract surgery but are extremely disappointed that even after the surgery their dependence on glasses remains unchanged. Many of them are left wondering why they invested so heavily in the health of their eyes only to finish in the place where they started. Micro phaco surgery solves these problems by decreasing drastically the dependence on glasses after surgery. There have been several well-documented studies conducted on the efficacy of micro phaco surgery and they all point to a decreased dependence on glasses post this type of surgery.

Despite being an excellent form of surgery we don't find this procedure being done a lot. This particular procedure although as several benefits requires a higher level of skill and experience for proper execution. It is therefore equally important in finding a healthcare provider who has considerable experience in this type of surgery when opting for micro phaco surgery.

If you or anyone you know is in need of cataract surgery and are looking into the various possibilities, reach out to us, and we can advise you further on the procedure to take.

Blog Reviewed By: Dr. Neera Agrawal
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