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ICL Surgery in New Delhi

Date :07-Dec-2015

ICL or Implantable Contact Lenses are the thin lenses that are used for improving vision instead of doing LASIK surgery. If the patient is struggling with wearing the contact lenses and are not suitable for the LASIK surgery, then ICL is the better option.

LASIK is not suitable when patient is having, severe myopia, severe hyperopia ,astigmatism and thin corneas.The ICL may work same as the external contact lenses, but the lenses are placed inside the eye with an operation and provides permanently clear vision.The Visian ICL is mainly safe to use and it is extremely bio compatible and can be easily removed in the future.

ICL Procedure:

The ICL Procedure is mainly painless and will take same time of LASIK operation. The surgeon may provide anesthesia to numb the eye and may insert, the Implantable Contact lens through a tiny slit in the cornea.The ICL Procedure may take about 15 minutes and go home that day itself.

Advantages of ICL:

The main advantage of ICL are, they are very capable of correcting, nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism etc.They are also easy to remove and the vision of the patient will be better.

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