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Treatment for Chemical Eye Burn

Date :04-Mar-2019

The role of vision and its importance in our lives is beyond description. Hence the need for its protection. Chemical eye burns contribute to about 10% of total eye injuries reported worldwide. They are caused due to an exposure of eyes or eye lids to certain chemicals.
Eye burns or injuries due to exposure to deterrents, however mild, should not be treated lightly as complications can result in permanent blindness. The severity of chemical burns can vary with the intensity of exposure and the materials involved.

Causes of chemical eye burns
Chemical eye burns can occur due to the exposure of eyes to acidic products, alkaline products or chemical irritants.
Alkaline products are chemicals with a Ph value greater than 7. They cause the most serious burns as they can penetrate eyes and cause damage to lens and cornea. Common alkaline products include fertilisers, cleaners, cement and so on.
Acid burns though relatively milder can cause sustainable injuries. Products like nail polish remover contains acidic burn causing chemicals. Irritants have a neutral Ph and are known to cause more discomfort rather than damage.
Chemical eye burns can occur at home from cleaning substances or disinfectants and related products. People working at industries are also at an increased risk of chemical eye burns.


Symptoms of eye burn

The main symptoms of chemical burn to eye includes:

  • Pain and irritation
  • Redness and tearing of eyes
  • Discomfort while keeping the eyes open
  • Swelling in eyelids
  • Blurring of vision

Chemical burn treatment
Chemical burn treatment should be taken even if the irritation is mild. Washing eyes for about 10 minutes is highly recommended as soon as a discomfort to the eyes is felt. Immediate medical attention is to be obtained to ensure its health.
The medical treatment involves immediate therapies consisting of washing with fluids to remove the chemicals from eyes. Further tests and examinations are conducted to ensure the health of eyes and its associated parts.
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