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ICL Surgery

Implantable contact lenses are thin, flexible lenses often used as a substitute for LASIK vision correction surgery for stable vision progress. The lenses are implanted in the eye during ICL eye surgery and work with the eye’s natural lens to improve vision.


ICL Eye Surgery is a comparatively rapid and painless outpatient surgical procedure. Unlike LASIK surgery, laser is not required for ICL eye surgery and the procedure can be reversed by performing an additional surgery to remove the lens.

The outpatient ICL eye surgery procedure is carried out in less than 30 minutes. Prior to the procedure, the eye will be numbed with a topical anesthetic, and a mild sedative may be given if necessary. ICL eye surgery is similar to intraocular lens implant surgery, except that cataract removal is not necessary. This allows the implantable contact lens to be inserted without removing the eye’s natural lens.

2 types of lenses are available for ICL eye surgery. A foldable lens, Visian ICL, is inserted through a small incision and unfolds into its place between the iris and the eye’s natural lens. This procedure requires an extremely small incision that is self-healing. The Verisyse lens is inserted in front of the iris through a somewhat larger incision that must be closed with sutures which dissolve over time.Recovery Similar to intraocular lens surgery recovery, you will need to return to your ophthalmologist for a follow-up visit within 24 hours of your ICL eye surgery. You may be instructed to use eye drops and a protective shield after the placement of your implanted contact lens in order to protect your eye as it heals. Any minor pain associated with the ICL eye surgery can be treated with over-the-counter pain medications.Improved vision can be noticed the day of the ICL eye surgery. Most patients experience the optimal effects of the implantable contact lens procedure in about one to seven days. The total recovery period for ICL eye surgery is relatively short. Your eye should be completely healed within one to two months.

Authored By Dr. Neera Agrawal