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Intracorneal Ring Segments

Intacs or Intracorneal Ring Segments (ICRS)

Keratoconus can also be treated with Intacs, which are small curved implantable corneal devices that can reshape the cornea. Intacs are FDA approved and can help flatten the steep cornea found in keratoconus. Intacs is the trademark name for micro-thin prescription inserts which were previously used as a form of refractive surgery in the treatment of low levels of myopia or nearsightedness, but has recently received FDA approval for Keratoconus. Intacs are thin plastic, semi-circular rings inserted into the mid layer of the cornea. When inserted in the Keratoconus cornea they flatten the cornea, changing the shape and location of the cone. The Intacs placing remodels and reinforces the cornea, eliminating some or all of the irregularities caused by keratoconus in order to provide improved vision. This can improve uncorrected vision, however, depending on the severity of the Keratoconus, glasses or contact lenses may still be needed for functional vision.

FDA Approval

Intacs were approved under a Humanitarian Device Exemption (HDE) by the FDA in July 2004, allowing Intacs to be used for treating Keratoconus.

Authored By Dr. Neera Agrawal